Andy Harpur

About Me :-

Welcome to my Portfolio. I’m Andy and I originate from the industrial heartland of the UK. Growing up with friends in Birmingham, school holidays would be spent escaping the city often cycling to local beauty spots; one of them being the Clent Hills on the North edge of Worcestershire. Along with a School trip to Snowdonia at the age of 16, these micro-adventures planted a seed for the outdoor lifestyle.

From my mid-20’s I became passionate about being out in the hills and living for the adventure and inner peace that wild places offer us all. I became active in my local climbing club and for the next 20 years obsessively climbed and hiked venues across the UK, the European Alps and Norway. For me, a great visual panorama and escaping the chores of daily life really engages my spirit and, albeit temporarily, sedates that on-going inner desire for “Wanderlust”.

For well over a decade I’d regularly visit the Highlands of Scotland, doing the 1000 mile round trip from the Midlands as many as six times per year. I became aware of the opportunities that a sea kayak offers for exploration and soon I was no longer limited to mountain tops for an adventure and good view; the Islands became my other destination of choice. You can read about my continuing exploits on my adventure blog.

In 2011 my partner Annie and I grabbed an opportunity to relocate to Scotland’s West coast in the Highlands; “where mountains meet the sea”. We’re now based in the crucible of British mountaineering; Glencoe, Argyll, where we’re putting roots down. My heart has been here most of my adult life, it just took a while for my body to catch up!

About This Site :-

Amateur astronomy and building telescopes have been a part of my life since my youth. Optics, cameras and Photography are a natural offshoot of that. Travelling through the hills and across the sea I’ve long being capturing on film what nature has to offer. Moving to the Highlands in 2011 “forced” me to purchase a DSLR and I’m gradually learning it’s capabilities.

Along the way I’ve captured a few snaps that at the time I thought were reasonable. I thought I had a good eye, but I’m becoming more critical of my own work and photo’s that I took several years ago and really liked at the time don’t seem to make the grade any more. I’ve learnt that great photos are made and vary rarely “just happen”. This last two years, when time allows, I’ve been getting up well before dawn to capture the “golden hour”.

…and so this site is a record of my attempts to get better. I hope it will evolve and maybe it will lead somewhere; perhaps to another avenue in life. I’m really loving land and seascape photography at present and that’s where my best shots are to be found. Photos taken during adventure and travel tend to be of the “just happened” variety, they’re presented here as a record of a journey and may be of more sentimental value to me than real artistic merit.

About My Equipment :-

I’m currently using a Nikon D7000; I love it. For adventure shots, especially sea kayaking, I use an Olympus Tough 810 for it’s waterproof capabilities.

I have various Nikon and Sigma lenses. For landscapes I love my Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 10-24mm f3.5-4.5G ED, but it does need to be used selectively.

I use a variety of Lee filters; graduated ND’s a Big Stopper, etc

Finally, thanks for stopping by. I hope you like what you see… maybe even enough to buy a print

Photography from the Highlands & Islands of Scotland.
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